RRR4x4 2nd Annual Show & Shine Pre-Registration

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RRR4x4 2nd Annual Show & Shine Pre-Registration

Post by Duck Dodgers » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:28 pm

Pre-Registration is now open for our 2nd Annual Show & Shine
Donations go toward the Walker Valley ORV Park Maintenance Fund

Registration and Dash Plaque - $15.00 USD Lvl 1

Registration, Dash Plaque and Event T-Shirt -$30.00 USD Lvl 2 (pre-registration only)

Limited amount of Event T-Shirts will be available at the event on a first come basis for $18.00 USD
Registration instructions;

1. Register by clicking the Image button below.

2. Make payments to RRR4x4@RRR4x4.com.

3. In the subject box enter RRR4x4SandS

4. Make sure to enter the following information in the Message box in PayPal.

Phone Number;
Level of registration;
T-Shirt size;[/b][/size]
Failure to provide all the required information could result in you not being registered.
Pre-Registration will end July 1,2013
Registration Fees are Non-Refundable
Registration Levels
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